The Esperanto Hymn of Peace

The Esperanto Hymn of Peace

By Lazarus Ludwig Zamenhof (1859-1917)
(As published in the Ziegler Magazine, March 1907.)

To Thee, o all-powerful, mysterious Spirit,
Force Supreme, which governs all the world;
To Thee, great Source of love and truth,
Great Foundation of the perfect Life;
To Thee, whom each pictures to himself in different ways
But whom within our hearts we all alike do feel,
To Thee, our Creator, To thee, our Ruler.
To Thee, this day we pray.

To thee, not with the Creed of one Nation do we come,
Bearing the dogmas of one blind devotion;
Silenced now all credal disputation,
And Faith alone in all our hearts doth rule.
With this Faith, which is alike in all,
With this, the truest Faith, and void of all dispute,
Here now, we stand, the sons of all mankind,
Upon Thine altar steps.

Humanity, perfect and beautiful, Thou didst create,
But unhappy divisions arose amongst men.
One nation, another nation cruelly attacks,
Like jackals, who wildly fight each other.
O Thou whate’er mysterious Force Thou art,
Listen to the urgent voice of this our fervent prayer,
Restore once more to us a glorious Peace.

We have together leagued ourselves to work, to strive,
For the re-union of mankind into one Brotherhood;
Uphold us, O Thou most Powerful, let us not fall,
But give us Grace, all obstacles to meet.
Bestow Thy Blessing upon our work.
Add Thy great strength unto our feeble Zeal,
And grant that we, through all opposing force
May bear ourselves courageously.

With Faith, on high our verdant flag we raise,
As Standard only of the Noble and the True,
The Almighty then our humble work shall bless,
And by His help, we shall attain our aim,
By His help, dividing barriers shall fall.
By His help, our way shall be made plain,
By His help, once more on Earth
Love and Truth shall reign.